Welcome to PIRLL

Partnership for Improvement in Rural Leadership and Learning

What: PIRLL is a grant by the United States Department of Innovation and Improvement School Leadership Program.

Goal: To build the capacity and availability of educational leaders who will serve in high need schools and inspire improvements in educational outcomes for students in rural South Dakota.
  • Objective 1: To recruit, instruct and support aspiring school leaders who will become prepared and credentialed to serve high needs schools.
  • Objective 2: To build the capacity of practicing principals and assistant principals through professional development that is embedded in their local practice and responsive to the needs of students served and the culture of their local community.

Project Summary booklet:

Participants: Nine school districts who meet the high-need criteria are Andes Central, Belle Fourche, Bennett County, McLaughlin, Oelrichs, Shannon County, Smee (Wakpala), Todd County and White River.

When: The grant period runs from October 1, 2008--September 30, 2013.

Project Coordinators: Janet Hensley jhensley@tie.net
Jeanne Cowan jcowan@tie.net